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Paula Shaw CADC, DCEP is a Life Transitions Expert helping Men Change It Up to better handle Stress, Frustration and Overwhelm.

The Stress of Life’s Challenges is hard on Humans…especially men. In most cultures men grow up with huge pressure on them to know the answers, be wise and strong in every situation and to keep their cool and protect the ones they love. This is a pretty tall order, even for the most masculine specimens among them. In fact…it’s impossible! Yet men try to fulfill the expectations of others and it often leads to their  breakdown spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

This is why Paula Champions men and gives them the skills, strategies and techniques that can sustain them through the overwhelming demands that life places on them.

Men could look at societal demands and say, “No thank you, not even going to try to do all that.” But instead, most of them really do try. Yes, ladies, there are a few jerks out there, we’ve all met them. They have hurt us and abused us. But really, most of the guys out there are nice men who were raised by lovely women just like us, who wanted their sons to be well- mannered, happy, gentlemen.

They are really Good Guys who are responsible, caring, nice men. Why does society make it so hard for them?

Sometimes, it is the men themselves, who create the pressure. They want to create something new or are driven to have huge success. But without tools, strategies, spiritual practices, proper food and exercise, this is a nearly impossible path to pursue without incurring dire consequences.

Paula offers men practical, proven strategies and tools to make their lives work in spite of the huge demands that are placed on them.

Are you are a busy man who feels stressed, tense or anxious, is having sleep difficulties or relationship issues?

Would you like to feel:

  • More Calm and Relaxed?
  • Clear and In-Charge?
  • Filled with Vitality?
  • More Resilient?
  • Emotionally Present with your Family and with those in the work place?
  • Joyful and Alive?
  • Satisfied and Content with what you have created?

You can create the Peace, Joy, Calm and Confidence that you really want, without losing your Ambition or your Edge.

You just may want to start with my Men’s Life Mastery Guide $7.99. It will give you concrete tools and processes to help you stay more Calm, Confident and Focused. To get it click below :

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