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LIFE TRANSITIONS THERAPY – (Click Here for a 20 min. Complimentary Consult.)

The only constant in life is change. Sometimes it is welcome but too often it creates anxiety and STRESS. Now cutting-edge scientifically proven tools and processes can provide relief from the fear and grief that often accompany change, so that it can become a path to wisdom, growth and enrichment of life. Paula has developed proprietary modalities that combine cutting-edge Energy Psychology and energy healing processes to create inner peace and rapidly deliver desired results.  Whether change comes in the form of death, divorce, an illness or some other form of loss, dealing with it successfully requires guidance and effective tools. In our rapidly changing world this knowledge is critical to happiness and success. Learn More

GUIDING MEN THROUGH STRESS AND DISTRESS –(Click Here for a 20 minute Complimentary Consulting session)

The Stress of Change and Challenge is hard on Humans…especially men. In most cultures they grow up with a huge pressure on them to know the answers, be wise and strong in every situation and to keep their cool and protect the ones they love. This is a pretty tall order, even for the most masculine specimens among them. In fact…it’s impossible and yet, men try to fulfill the expectations of others and it often leads to their downfall spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and in their careers.

This is why a major focus of Paula’s work is to Champion men and give them the skills, strategies and techniques that can sustain and expand them through the huge demands that life places on them. Learn More


(Click Here for a 20 min. Complimentary Consult)

For millennia women have been subservient to men, repressed and controlled by authority figures and by social programming. Isn’t it logical that despite women’s liberation, we would find it difficult to trust ourselves?

Unless we identify and clear the beliefs and patterns that have held us hostage, we are bound to replicate them.  How can we liberate ourselves from behavior that is self-sabotaging? How can we live an authentic and fulfilling life? The tools to transform ourselves, and our lives have been developed by pioneers in the field of Energy Psychology. In seeking to heal her own issues, Paula Shaw developed CHART… which stand for Conscious Healing and Repatterning Therapy. The CHART process uses kinesiology to identify unresolved issues that are locked within our subconscious mind. Learn More

ENERGY BALANCING – (Click Here for 20 min Complimentary Consult)

When your energy is balanced you will have a stronger physical body and more robust health. Years of training in Reiki, Chakra balancing and cutting-edge Energy Psychology, have led to the development of Paula’s proprietary process, which balances the energies of the Chakras, Meridians and the Bio-field. This balance creates Mind, Body and Spirit harmony. It can shift harmful patterns, and calm inflamed body cells. It opens one up to the Inner Voice and Higher Guidance. It can be done in person or Online! Learn More

MEDIA MARKETING DEVELOPMENT – (Click Here for Complimentary Consult)

Have you ever dreamed of growing your business to another level by marketing through the media? Maybe you have fantasized about having your own radio show or podcast. Perhaps you’d like to have your own You Tube channel but have no idea how to do it.  Paula can help you make these dreams come true.  Learn More

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