My New Year’s Gifts for You

Happy New Year. This first week of a New Year is the perfect time to do a little bit of self-assessment and to consider making different choices for the New Year. I would like to share with you my favorite process to do at this time of year, which I learned from New Thought minister Christian Sorensen. I also want to share an idea that I love about Resetting rather that making Resolutions. Here are my New Year’s gifts
to you:
Reflect on the past year and make the following lists:

  1. Three triumphs you had.
  2. Three things for which you are grateful.
  3. Three things you are ready to leave behind.
  4. Three things you would like to forget or be forgiven for.
  5. Three things you will forgive and not carry into next year.
  6. Three things you are planning to do.
  7. Three things you are looking forward to.

Reset instead of Resolution
Once you have done the above please consider my alternative concept regarding New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of Resolutions let’s consider the concept of a New Year’s Reset. I think it is a brilliant idea with a lot more potential for success than New Year’s Resolutions.

You know how when your computer or your phone starts behaving in a really wonky manner, you just turn it off, or click the restart button? That concept of pausing and resetting everything is brilliant!

Let’s explore this idea.

Isn’t it cool to think that when we reach a point where we have become frazzled, overwhelmed and minimally functional, we can just hit the restart button and reset everything?  It’s like a course correction when sailing… no guilt, no wrongdoing…just a better, improved idea that isn’t based on where we failed or let ourselves down last year.

Life only happens one day at a time, so how can we know on January 1 what will be right for each day of the rest of the year? We haven’t lived into these days. We haven’t yet navigated the balance between effort and surrender, dedication and flexibility. And this balance is key. For everything, there is a season. That’s an ancient truth, which should be one of our guiding thoughts as we traverse the year ahead.

As we step into the year, I love the idea that we have a plan, a general direction for each day but are always open to a reset; a course correction if a better idea presents itself. We need to be clear and powerful about what we desire but always open to the better option or goal that might emerge. This reset might be a change in our eating plan, our exercise regime, the way we are engaging in our careers or relationships. It could be many things.

The important points are these:

  • There is no guilt attached. You didn’t screw up; you just have a better idea.
  • Implement the better idea as quickly as possible. Go forward fully. Don’t waste time on regret.
  • Be fully into the present moment and fully alive. If we aren’t in the present we are either in the past or the future. One is gone and the other doesn’t exist yet, so not much pay off there. Just,
    be where you are and stay open to allowing a reset when the
    moment presents itself.

So, down with resolutions that imply a prior screw-up and usually set you up for another failure. Up with living in the moment and being open to allowing a Reset whenever appropriate. Let’s do this and make it a truly Happy New Year.

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