Life Transitions Therapy

It has often been said that change is the price of admission to life. While some changes are desirable, others such as death, divorce, loss of a job or ill health are traumatic and can diminish our ability to cope with the stress they cause. Research has shown that trauma can cause neurobiological changes often referred to as post traumatic stress disorder, an emotionally crippling syndrome that can impact all aspects of one’s life. Regardless of the magnitude of life events, revolutionary Energy Psychology tools can help you to regain balance, harmony, inner peace and a passion for life.  They identify the underlying causes of stress and grief so they can be addressed and true healing can be attained.

Paula specializes in assisting people in learning these easily implemented tools, which work to create peace and contentment, rapidly. Whether the change is a result of retirement, a move, a death, or some other form of life upheaval, dealing with it successfully requires guidance and effective tools. In an ever-changing world this knowledge is critical to happiness and success

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