Letting Go of the Struggle and Learning to Trust YourSelf

For millennia women have been subservient to men, repressed and controlled by authority figures and by social programming. Isn’t it logical that despite women’s liberation, we would find it difficult to trust ourselves?


Unless we identify and clear the beliefs and patterns that have held us hostage, we are bound to replicate them.  How can we liberate ourselves from behavior that is self-sabotaging? How can we live an authentic and fulfilling life?


The tools to transform ourselves, and our lives have been developed by pioneers in the field of Energy Psychology. In seeking to heal her own issues, Paula Shaw developed CHART, which stand for Conscious Healing and Repatterning Therapy. The CHART process uses kinesiology to identify unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and genetically inherited response patterns, that are locked within our subconscious mind. Once recognized, these issues and beliefs can be neutralized and replaced with new, empowering beliefs and behaviors.

To heal we must first feel. Unlike talk therapy, CHART gets to the core of the matter; painful memories and patterns are exposed so that they can be dissolved. Scientifically proven energy tools such as meridian tapping, offer immediate relief.

When we are no longer controlled, by the programming that runs in default mode, within our subconscious mind, we can tap into our intuition and our inner voice. Energy Psychology tools allow us to gain the confidence to make healthy choices and to trust ourselves.

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