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Overcoming Grief

People who are grieving are usually dealing with overwhelming emotional distress, because of a loss which has been suffered. This often culminates into a deep sadness and pain.
Most of the time grievers are not living in the present because they are either obsessed with the past that is now lost, or the future which looms as a frightening unknown. The most unfortunate part of this reality is that only in the present moment can we feel our pain, express our pain and move toward healing.
"I help my clients heal their life’s pain by uncovering their profound grief and painful losses. Through my intuition, decades of experience and expert methods developed from the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, we can generate measurable results quickly, bringing relief from grief and loss, and movement toward a life of joy and fulfillment."
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Life Transitions Coaching

Change is the price of admission to life.

While some changes are desirable, others such as death, divorce, loss of a job, or ill health are traumatic and can diminish our ability to cope with the stress of life. Research has shown that trauma can cause neurobiological changes often referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder, an emotionally crippling syndrome that can impact all aspects of one’s life.
Regardless of the magnitude of life events, revolutionary Energy Psychology tools can help regain balance, harmony, inner peace, and a passion for life. These tools help us to identify and address the underlying causes of stress and grief, so we can overcome them.
Paula specializes in assisting people in learning these easily implemented tools, which work to create peace and contentment, rapidly. Whether the change is a result of retirement, a move, a death, or some other form of life upheaval, dealing with it successfully requires guidance and effective tools. In an ever-changing world this knowledge is critical to happiness and success.
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Coaching for Women

Letting Go of the Struggle and Learning to Trust Yourself.

For millennia women have been subservient to men, repressed and controlled by authority figures and by social programming. Isn’t it logical that despite women’s liberation, we would find it difficult to trust ourselves?
Unless we identify and clear the beliefs and patterns that have held us hostage, we are bound to replicate them. How can we liberate ourselves from behavior that is self-sabotaging? How can we live an authentic and fulfilling life?
To heal we must first feel. Unlike talk therapy, Energy Psychology gets to the core of the matter; painful memories and subconscious patterns are exposed so that they can be neutralized and eliminated. Scientifically proven energy tools such as Meridian Tapping, offer rapid relief.
When we are no longer controlled, by the programming that runs in default mode, within our subconscious mind, we can tap into our intuition and our inner voice. Energy Psychology tools allow us to gain the confidence to make healthy choices and to trust ourselves.
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Coaching for Men

Helping Men Change It Up to better handle Stress, Frustration and Overwhelm.

The Stress of Life’s Challenges is hard on Humans, especially men. In most cultures men grow up with huge pressure on them to know the answers, be wise and strong in every situation, keep their cool and protect the ones they love. This is a tall order, even for the most masculine specimens among them. In fact, it’s impossible! Yet men do their best to try to fulfill theses expectations which too often leads to their detriment: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Are you a busy man who feels stressed, tense, anxious, whose having sleep difficulties, or relationship issues? Would you like to feel: peace, joy, calm and confidence in every aspect of your life, without losing your ambition or your edge?
Paula Champions Men precisely for these reasons. Through compassionate and straightforward coaching, she gives her male clients the skills, strategies and techniques that will sustain them through the overwhelming demands that life places on them.

Energy Balancing

Does Energy Work Really Work?

"Below are pictures of a woman I did Energy Balancing work on:"
Image of Energy Before & After
"In thermography the colors indicate the level of heat being observed. Red and White represent the highest levels of heat and inflammation, which can indicate a problem. In the above woman the red in the before picture indicates digestion issues. The other areas were within normal ranges but the cooler the colors the healthier the state of the body. The ultimate physical state is indicated by blue and purple colors.
To my joy and amazement, after I balanced her energy, you can see that the predominant colors were blue and purple."

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