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Chakras, The Magnificent Seven-Pathways to Higher Energy, Happiness and Health by Paula Shaw CADC, DCEP is a simple and concise guide to understanding the seven major centers of the human energy system.

Paula has taken information that Yogis have known for centuries and made it available to the masses in a clear and comprehensive lexicon. It contains all the information you need to take charge of your energy, and balance your chakras to create vibrant health and optimal well-being. It is truly the Merck Manual of Chakras for anyone interested in actively creating the healthiest, most joyful life possible.

What People Are Saying:

“I’ve read several books on chakras and if you’re looking for a highly detailed compendium of over 500 pages then Anodea Judith’s book on chakras may be more appropriate, and there are a couple that are so basic that unless you are only interested in a view at 50,000 feet will be disappointing. This book, Chakras The Magnificent 7 strikes a nice balance for me between too much and too little. I like the simple to understand charts that quickly show each chakra and lots of correlations including with which gland and hormone, health issue, emotion, vibrational tone and note, developmental age and other associations to the individual chakra. There are descriptions of what to look for in a balanced chakra and when the energy is out of balance. That was particularly interesting and helpful to me.”
– Dr. Peter Lambrou

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