Breast Cancer Month Part ll

“Even when others might empathize with our pain, there is little time in their busy lives to truly support us. The result is that most people stuff down the emotional traumas or experiences and don’t deal with them, so they end up manifesting themselves in a variety of diseases.

“Also unhelpful is the general practice in the corporate environment, which usually allows only three days of bereavement leave. This gives people the idea that they should be back to normal within that amount of time. Rarely, if ever, is anyone fine in three days; but when you think you should be, and you’re not, you end up feeling defective, inadequate and alone. In an effort to try to look like they are doing better than they are, most people repress the emotional traumas or experiences instead of feeling and healing them. Again, this unhealed, negative energy can end up manifesting itself in disease.

“It is interesting that the Heart Chakra is the energy center that processes feelings and it’s the area in which breast cancer develops. Too many painful, unhealed feelings create ‘fertile soil’ for the development of this disease. Many years ago Dr. O Carl Simonton, head of the world renown, Simonton Cancer Center, showed a direct connection between un-reconciled grief and the development of cancer. Heart chakra…feeling center…breast cancer…it’s an obvious connection.

“It is also problematic that collectively, women are not nurturing themselves. This also causes the energy of the Heart Chakra to become congested or depleted. We are a nation that has, since the 1960’s, seen women trying to fill every hole in the proverbial ‘dike’ by being mother, father, leader of the pack, contributing in the work force and being everything to everyone. We are supposed to have perfect bodies, be ultra intelligent and look like we just stepped out of the beauty shop at all times. These unrealistic expectations were bound to manifest in some diseased way.”

LH: When a woman with breast cancer comes to you what can you do for her?

PS: “Balance and expand the flow of her energy, which is usually vastly depleted and congested. I teach her how to keep it at a higher, more consistent level, through some simple Energy Psychology processes that strengthen and amplify energy via visualization, breath work, chakra/meridian work and through the setting of daily intentions for health and wellbeing. I also help her shift the depleting energy created by grief, limiting beliefs and a lack of self-nurturing.

“These women are often in a state that is akin to having low blood sugar when we are hungry. You know how you get irritable and more emotional when you have gone too long without food? In that state you are much more vulnerable to the surrounding events. Everything seems to impact you in a big way. This is very much how women become when life is filled with constant demands and pressure.

“Coming into the present, and getting calm and centered, makes everything look and feel better, much the same way that having a meal when you are hungry, gives a feeling of satiation, stability and well-being.

“When you are in the present, you aren’t concerned about what took place in the past or what’s going to happen in the future, so a state of bliss becomes possible. I teach women to just be in the moment. Those moments become ‘deposits in the Bliss Bank.’ Shifting to this more present state of consciousness is no small thing, as most of us have been taught to be everywhere but in the present.

“Teaching a woman how to quiet the mind, breathe deeply and shift her energy, can work wonders for lowering stress hormones such as cortisol. Look at what we do when we’re stressed! We hold our breath and tense up our muscles. Stress is a very contracted state and in that state, we end up holding in and pushing down our emotions. I find that expansive breathing, calming techniques and the opportunity to express and dissipate suppressed emotions, are some of the most critical tools we have to help women create a total mind-body-spirit environment that is conducive to health and healing.

“Two other components that I feel are essential to health and well-being are: setting intentions about where a woman wants to go in her life and doing daily visualization work. Quantum Physics has taught us that energy shows up in accordance with the expectation of the observer, so it behooves us to let the energy know what we want it to do.

Secondly, we now know that the brain thinks in pictures and it doesn’t know the difference between what we visualize and what we actually experience. Therefore, visualizing ourselves in the healthy state we ideally desire is one of the most powerful things we can do, in helping ourselves to stay healthy or to heal. We are far more powerful than we think, and my goal in working with women, is to really be sure that they know this and that I give them the tools to help them utilize their power to heal themselves.

“There is so much preventative action we can take to assure ourselves that we will never end up in the oncologist’s office hearing the words, “You have Breast Cancer.”

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