Breast Cancer Awareness Month Part l

It’s Breast Cancer awareness month and everyone is getting passionately pink for the cure. In an interview with Nutritionist, LoRayne Haye, I discuss the role that grief plays in the development of Breast Cancer and then how Energy Psychology methods can assist in healing it.

Although we think of Breast Cancer as a physical problem, I believe that its roots are emotional. Author of You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay, says that it’s about being tired of life and about not nurturing yourself. Author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Deb Shapiro, believes that Breast Cancer tends to indicate a conflict between being both an object of desire and a nurturing mother. Sometimes years of self-consciousness or discomfort with breasts, even, actually hating them, precedes breast cancer.

As far back as the 1970’s, O. Carl Simonton M.D. published work and spoke prolifically on the connection between grief and the onset of cancer. In the majority of the patients studied, cancer was linked with a significant loss experienced six months to a year before the cancer appeared.

It is my belief that one of the most important preventative measures we women can take to avoid breast cancer is to nurture ourselves and to deal with and heal the emotional issues and losses in our lives. I discuss this in much more depth in my book, Grief…When Will This Pain Ever End? Here are some pieces of the interview with LoRayne that I think you will find it quite interesting.

Emotional Stress: The Landscape of Female Energy

On an energetic level I wanted to find out where women stood in relation to the energetic landscape of unprocessed emotions such as grief and loss. The following is an interview with noted grief counselor and Energy Psychology specialist, Paula Shaw. She is the author of Chakras-The Magnificent Seven and Grief…When Will This Pain Ever End?  She has her private practice and residence in San Diego. 

LoRayne Haye: From an energetic point of view what’s going on with women and breast cancer?

Paula Shaw: “I am convinced that underneath all illness is un-reconciled grief. It all tracks back to this. Everybody experiences loss and grief, but most people don’t have an opportunity to process and heal the grief they experience, so it gets pushed down into the energy system and the physical body.

“With every illness and every emotional disorder that I can think of, the root cause is a disruption in the energy system, caused by loss, resulting from trauma. It might be emotional, environmental, physical or mental but trauma creates loss, loss creates grief and grief creates a disruption in the energy system.

“Culturally, we seem to be better at processing certain kinds of loss, perhaps because there is more societal understanding of those losses. For example, if we had an earthquake right now everyone would band together, support each other and have some sort of an understanding of the emotional/physical difficulties that others were experiencing. However, when we lose something or someone through death, divorce or a separation of some sort, the circumstances are unique to us and others don’t necessarily understand them, so we end up feeling alone. It is in this isolation that we generally ‘stall out’ emotionally.

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