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In my coaching work with clients, I feel that the first priority must be to assist them in the healing of their emotional pain. First, I help them uncover their profound grief and painful losses, then using state of the art Energy Techniques, we neutralize and disarm the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that evolved from them.
Through intuitive guidance, decades of experience and expert methods, developed from the fields of Mindfulness, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, we generate measurable results quickly, bringing relief and movement toward a life of joy and fulfillment.
People who are suffering intense emotional pain are often dealing with overwhelming loss. The normal, natural outcome from loss is grief. Our society usually associates grief with death, missing the fact that any loss can create grief. It can be a break-up, a negative health diagnosis, a career setback, a debilitating accident, a natural disaster, death, or any other kind of loss that robs us of a person, place, thing, experience, or circumstance that we treasured.
Reactions to these kinds of losses can manifest as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, shock or physical illness. Grief expresses itself in many ways, depending on the individual and their life circumstances. But no matter what its origin may be, the pain must be expressed and released to heal and go forward in life.
My Services include:
20 Things to Say and Not to Say

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20 Things to Say and Not to Say

Ever wondered what to say when someone you love is in pain? Or you need to have a difficult conversation with someone and don’t know what to say, or how to say it?
You need my “20 Things to Say and Not to Say” Guide.
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Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

The only constant in life is Change. It’s going to come, whether you want it or not. Paula believes that the trick in life is to be resilient and find new and creative ways to deal with change, so that you keep your vibration high and your energy strong.
Join Paula as she chats with Innovators and Changemakers who are trying to make their lives and the world, a better place; people who in many instances were confronted with unwelcome change and responded in amazing ways. Her hope is that hearing how they coped, and what they learned, will help you navigate, even unwelcome change, smoothly and more productively.
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Online Programs

If you want to be a better communicator and you want to improve your skills at sharing your humanity and not just your database…this course is for you!

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Paula Shaw

Traditionally Trained Innovator

Traditionally trained at Long Beach State University with post graduate work at Loyola Marymount University, Paula quickly fell in love with the effectiveness and rapid results created by Mind/Body approaches.
In 1999, she became a founding member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and served for six years as a member of the Board of Directors. Paula is trained in most of the major mind and body approaches such as Reiki, EFT, TAT, tapping, Guided Imagery, Chakra Work, Mindfulness, and Energy Medicine
Paula is an innovator, visionary, and pioneer in the Energy Psychology field. The she is the Host of the Change It Up Radio Podcast, [link to Podcast] and the Higher Energy podcast produced by ACEP,(link to Podcast) she is also the author of several life changing books, Chakras: The Magnificent Seven, Grief…When Will This Pain Ever End? and, Saying The Right Thing…When You Don’t Know What To Say.


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Kathleen Holland Page
“Paula radiates such a genuine warmth. The thing I remember most about when we first met is how at ease and welcome, I felt talking with her. She has a gentle sparkle about her that she imparts to us through her work. Her techniques are inspired and individualized to the situation. Also, they are as intriguing as they are effective. The issues may be very difficult, yet we always end up having fun with the healing! We arrive tangled up in challenges, stuck in loops, and leave breathing more freely, seeing the path ahead as clear and bright. Paula is our block-buster!”
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Dr. Kulvinder Kaur
“Paula helps you live your best life, no matter what the circumstances”
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Kat Frenald
“Paula Shaw is absolutely an amazing soul. She’s patient and kind but she is also very motivating and she drives you to be a better person all around. She helps you get through the tough times and then she helps you fully experience the good times…we love her.”
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Amy Osborne
“My husband and I started using LifeWave Phototherapy Patches, at Paula’s suggestion, about 5 months ago and we honestly don’t know how we were getting by before! I was hobbling around for years with a hip that needs replacing and after about a month and a half, I’m walking like a ‘normal’ person again! His knee and back were in a huge amount of pain for years and with the X39 and Aeon, the knee is completely better and his back has improved about 70%. The patches are truly a miracle. Thank you Paula.”
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Jason G
“Paula has an amazing ability to be in tune with her clients. Those who seek energetic balance will truly find it through her. For those who question the nuances of spiritual healing, they will be happy to see that her energy is genuine and pure. They will eventually find the work an inspiration to grow and not fear the unknown positivity that she can bring into their lives. Paula has a gift and she greatly enjoys sharing that with the world. You will only have one feeling when you leave her presence, it will be one of being at peace.”
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“Thank goodness for Paula… a few years ago I found myself ‘surprisingly’ unemployed without the support of my narcissistic spouse. My self-esteem was at its lowest… I turned to alcohol! Paula was my support system and confidant. All is well now, and I can’t thank her enough because without her help, I am not sure where I would be.”
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Dr. Lanny Bruce Fields
“I’ve known Paula Shaw for several years; she’s worked with me on multiple occasions. Paula’s a consummate professional with multiple skills and vast experience! Once she developed a guided meditation which transformed my life, shifting me into a new life direction. I was healed of a deep traumatic experience! Her interactive skills are wonderful, too!”
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Claudia G.
“I'm grateful I was referred to Paula Shaw. She helped me tremendously with many issues troubling me, including betrayal and loss. Mental, Spiritual, and Physical methods helped me heal and progress. I highly recommend her counseling.”
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Bunni J.
“Just a quick thank you Paula for your time and understanding, in listening to me about getting through the death of my husband, and transitioning into a new phase of my life. Helping me realize how my adult children were feeling about my new life was incredibly helpful. When my sessions were over I truly felt as though you and I had become friends, and that I can call on you for advice and a lending ear, for life!”

Let Paula Help You

Get your Free 20-minute consultation with Paula.

After your session, she will send you a complimentary copy of either her Women’s Life Mastery Guide, or her Men’s Life Mastery Guide.