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“When Will This Pain Ever End?” 

It is the question so many of us ask ourselves when we are grieving the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or some other great personal loss. Sometimes our pain can last years.

People tell us, “Time heals all wounds,” but no matter how much time passes, our feelings of sadness and emptiness don’t seem to fade. We try to keep busy, but end up running around aimlessly on automatic pilot, and sharing our feelings doesn’t lessen the heartache. In desperation, we might turn to alcohol, overeating, recreational drugs or anti-depressants. Or, we might withdraw from life and other people.

Chakras, The Magnificent Seven-Pathways to Higher Energy, Happiness and Health by Paula Shaw CADC, DCEP is a simple and concise guide to understanding the seven major centers of the human energy system.

Paula has taken information that Yogis have known for centuries and made it available to the masses in a clear and comprehensive lexicon. It contains all the information you need to take charge of your energy, and balance your chakras to create vibrant health and optimal well-being. It is truly the Merck Manual of Chakras for anyone interested in actively creating the healthiest, most joyful life possible.


Paula Shaw’s unique approach to combining her counseling work with mind/body therapies is absolutely brilliant. Her work, lovingly and effectively, helps people who are going through life’s darkest experiences. Paula is an amazing combination of knowledge, skill and heart; a healer in the truest sense of the word.

– George Pratt, Ph.D.
Former Chairman, Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA. Clinical Psychologist, Co-Author of Instant Emotional Healing and Code to Joy

I have had an opportunity to work with Paula Shaw for the last four years. Paula’s empathetic, intuitive nature along with her unique approach to grief resolution creates a powerful treatment modality successfully moving the patient through a sense of profound loss, toward understanding, acceptance and resolution. Many patients experience a sense of grief as they enter into a new phase of life such as menopause. With Paula’s assistance; regret, remorse and sadness transform into a state of empowerment.

–Andrea Cole, D.O.
Center for Age Management, Encinitas, CA

Paula Shaw

As a result of the work they are doing with me, clients are, improving their mental and emotional health and moving on with their lives. We get to the root of the emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and problematic behaviors that are the underlying causes of their mental and physical problems. But it doesn’t stop there. Insight and awareness, by themselves, aren’t enough to create change. You must have the movement piece. That’s where the Energy Psychology and other Mind/Body approaches are invaluable. They neutralize these underlying triggers so change can occur rapidly. Know More About Paula…


Paula is an innovator, visionary and pioneer in the Energy Psychology field and the author of the life changing books, Chakras: The Magnificent Seven: Pathways to Higher Energy, Happiness and Health, GriefWhen Will This Pain Ever End? A Guide to Finding Your Way Out of the Depths of Despair, After Profound Loss and Saying The Right Thing…When You Don’t Know What To Say.

By combining elements of traditional therapy with cutting edge Energy Psychology tools, Paula has helped thousands of clients get relief from grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. She also helps them to identify and clear blocks to success, eliminate relationship issues, overcome their fears and shift self-sabotaging patterns and feelings to achieve confidence and inner peace.


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